Thursday, November 29, 2012

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano B.A.

be bold pursue love

when i was younger i used to look in every corner of my known universe to find bits of ancient wisdom and meaning for why i am here.  i used to hold on to unending questions and destiny-seeking struggles about where i could possibly fit into this world but the older i get the more i begin to realize perhaps there are no answers to such questions.  perhaps my lack of intuition was right all along and we are completely simple creatures who somehow complicate ourselves into madness while the true answers become revealed only when better questions are formed.

in my life, which is a life unlike most others, i have come to find that the secrets of life are not presented to us when we seek them but rather when we listen when they call to us.  i know each and every danger of ignoring your true callings in life and i have been blessed to enjoy health and happiness to a monumental degree of world travel and introspectiveness.  i write open-endedly and i dont always expect people to understand what i'm saying rather i enjoy watching how the years unfold before my eyes.  this story begins in the beautiful south-of-the-ecuator spring of 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina which is a place i have recently come to call my home.