Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala

This is Lago de Atitlan, a tiny slice of heaven located in one of many beautiful corners of this vast Earth.  From the very first moment we entered Guatemala we knew that we had found a new place to call home for a while but more on that later.

I take you to the village of San Marcos which can be found along the windy paths of Atitlan's surroundings.  The village is friendly and accessible only through a polite hello and an open heart.  


I find it hard to capture photos of this lake whereas it is quite large and dynamic and difficult to describe within the parameters of a single photograph.  It's an endless predicament in my travels and I can only wonder how these photos and stories reach the people who read my blog, however the ultimate purpose is to remind me of his far I've come in this world.. Oftentimes I take no photo and make no attempt to find adjectives to describe the beauty I am surrounded by as it is for my eyes only.  

A slow walk revealed to us a new friend named Kevin who had spent a long time here on the lake.  I like his energy and his support of permaculture.  Here there is a great respect for people who support local matters.  Food is healthy and local and anybody who builds on the lake is expected to do so with the intention to preserve its natural beauty.

Then we come to the small village of Tzununá which hosts only a few dozen families at most.  Within this village is a beautiful secret and a bit of kindness and exploration will reveal to you a gorgeous river which connects to a magical waterfall.

This picture was taken as a reminder of the time we were lost in the jungle.. No worries, just follow the sound of moving water and you'll find what you are looking for.  That is the advice of the locals we passed in search of the waterfall however I find it to be relative to my life in general.

A winged friend let me photograph her.

The rewards of a long journey through the banks of a jungle river.

A trap set by a hunter, presumably hunting small birds.


What nature will do to a crashed truck one year later.  I don't think anyone was hurt.

Right where I'm supposed to be.  Love and light my friends.