Friday, June 19, 2015

and i wonder, wonder... what's goin' on south of that borderline

when i was a child, i talked like a child, i thought like a child, i reasoned like a child.  when i became a man, i put the ways of childhood behind me.

a few months ago i never imagined i would ever have washed ashore here again.  i'm working at a job i had when i was 23 (and 26.. and 29.. and 31.. and so on..) i'm living on my best friend's guestroom floor and i haven't worn a shirt with sleeves in months.  my work clothes consist of tattered cargo shorts and flip flops.  at night i hang out with faces i have come to love for more than a decade.  reality is that i've been handed, what some might consider to be, a setback in life yet it's not bugging me for some reason.  i'm lost and admittedly uncertain of what's to come next for my curious life but i'm writing this article with a smirk on my chin..

let me explain..

many years ago, and this can be verified by older posts, i began noticing a series of 'callings' in which something was reaching out to me to seek what is waiting to be discovered in the world.  i was younger when this happened and perhaps a little inexperienced in the game of travel.  now i sit a grown man with tiny lines of wisdom etched in the corners of my eyelids.  i'm listening to the sounds of the universe again and i am reminded that my life is unique and i have an obligation to follow this path and this calling as far as it will take me no matter the consequence.

so let's talk business :)  it's no mystery, i'm thinking to go back to a part of the world which i haven't seen in about six years.  i want to go back to a place which is easily forgotten by its neighbors to the north yet mystifies us with its stories of adventure and unknown.

it brings me happiness in a dark time of my life.  i've lost a lot this year.  i don't want to get into it but the realities of this universe have shown themselves to me and i know now that i'm not immune to loss.

the adventures of i, the bonobo.  i have a new take on things and i see that now.  i know that my life is different.  i know that i was born in a strange time and i know that i will one day leave this earth like my friends have.. and will continue to leave.  i want it to be known though that i loved this world.  i believed in people and i'm fascinated by the natural movements of time and life.  go forth and have no fear..

and i'm going to central america..  again :)  wanna come?