Saturday, October 29, 2016


Written a few weeks ago in a beautiful moment

It's mid afternoon on a Sunday and I'm alone with my thoughts here among the veiny paths of Zion national park.  I'm looking back to the last few weeks, almost two months now, that we've been on the road and this pulling sensation brings me to write about some of the things we've seen.  

I've been to many parts of the world, some that are so far away that they would seem like fairy tale to the people of the country I'm currently traveling.  I've never been out west, not this thoroughly.  The desert has a wild imagination and can show herself in various forms.  The Pacific Ocean slammed into a place called Big Sur, California a few weeks ago and right under our feet I felt the earth being shaken like a snow globe full of sea foam.  Seattle is the emerald city and Portland embraces its late warm summer.  

It's nice here in this country and I wake up every morning looking at the rise of the sun over a different corner of this continent's imagination.  The rocks turn red here, my eyes think we're dreaming.

Sometimes I forget about our elevation.  My head gets light when I see the sign indicating we've traveled uphill 8000 feet when we were by the seaside yesterday.  Pace yourself.  Yet, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy catching my breath after scaling a rocky red cliff.  

Beauty isn't always relative.  I would find it hard to believe people have ever passed through here without their souls being shaken.

Bryce canyon takes hold of me, my legs dangling high over the river-carved landscape.  They call this place fairyland and I agree with the title as only magic could have dreamt this up; is the universe not a magical and curious place?

Wind passes and carries my light hearted thoughts into her breeze and I'm happy, lost and satisfied.  The powers of a fortune telling device once told me that we are most beautiful when we are satisfied.  Nature must be satisfied with her artwork.  

Mexico.. Going to Mexico.. Paying a visit to our neighbors..