Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vecinos (Neighbors)

Curiosity has fueled my existence since I've been old enough to follow my dreams.  A certain whisper has called through my ears in an inviting tone and for a very long time it has beckoned me to visit various parts of this planet.  I do this so I can learn and teach and continue my flow through a very curious life, it has always lead me to understand people and culture with love and inspiration.

Today this curiosity moves me back again to a corner of the globe which has forever been welcoming and intriguing to me.  It is a colorful place, rather series of places, that seems to be a great mystery to the people of my home country here in the United States.  I speak of Latin America.

From the beginning of one's travels stretching anywhere between Argentina and Mexico there is an apprehension to claim being from 'America' and the reason for this is often overlooked.  I like to think of America as a massive apartment complex with 35 doors, one for each of it's own respected sovereign countries.   Residents of America are neighbors by all means and each resident is a functioning member of a greater community.

I think sometimes people from my country forget that we are all in the same building.

This blog has been silent for a few months.  I'm working.  I'm working and I'm gathering resources to fund what will be perhaps one of my most ambitious projects I've set out on in a long time but these things take time.  It's time for me to prepare.

The project I'm preparing for is a journey with a film that will take the viewer from here in Detroit north into the beautiful upper peninsula of my state.  From there we will perhaps head west and eventually into western Canada, the west coast of the United States, through Mexico, Belize and into Guatemala.  I would like to spend two or three months on the road filming the people who make up the population of this fascinating and diverse apartment complex.  I want to make the documentary that I've always wanted to watch, I want to show people that we are all neighbors and although we have various perspectives of this world and these massive continents which we call home, that we have much to celebrate in our differences.

A conversation with a good friend of mine revealed to me the idea to form a series of questions which could be asked openly to the people I'll be interviewing for the film.  The questions are based on one of my favorite books and this is all the information I'm going to be leaking at this point, much of this project is still in its formation.

I don't know.. I came out to this hemisphere about a year ago after some wild circumstances in life.  Maybe I came here out of reasons beyond my control or perhaps I was sent to re-tune my ears to be more perceptive to the callings which take me on my adventures.  More realistically I'm growing in my consciousness towards our planet and I'm even more fascinated by it than ever and I would like to take the opportunity to share some things with the world.  People inspire me, they have such wild imaginations to create so many different cultures and even though we live in a world that is so connected through technology we are still seemingly lost for knowledge about the people who live right next door to us.  I want to share my love of this great apartment complex with everybody and should my patience and hard work keep me in good spirits then this coming summer I'm off to begin the next chapter of my story, one that the world needs to hear.