Wednesday, December 5, 2012

to find a temple

sometimes the truth is so obvious that it is difficult to embrace.  i get so frustrated sometimes when i feel that i'm being pulled off of my path that i seem to miss the smaller beauties which lay on the sides of the road.  there is nothing overly symbolic about that to me, in fact the belief and practice of life being a type of path has been a very real concept for me, especially as a traveler.  i am beginning to look at the world as a complex ball of string that i have tied with no particular pattern and somehow i keep finding myself on some beautiful nights at peace wherever i am.  i should embrace those moments.

and what is the truth?

truth is something we all seek yet are unaware of how simple it could be.  we often hide from the truth and sometimes we purposely dilude our bodies with all sorts of things that make reality a bit more 'bearable' for brief measures of time yet the truth remains.  the truth is that our world and our happiness is what we have made of it.  the truth is that our suffering is caused by our own desires and at times i become very far from the truth yet i paint my reality with humble reminders that the world can prove itself to be quite forgiving at times.

today i was in the park and i came to find that i had quite a few hours to pass.  even though i have lived in quite a few places that hold different climates than that of my hometown it still baffles me that the 4th of December could be so sunny and warm.  there are flowers everywhere and people are starting to walk a little slower.  in this park, somewhere in Capital Federal, i noticed a group of people with binoculars and cargo pants all looking up into the trees.  it was one of many moments that i came to realize that all of nature is completely different here whereas i now live on the far outskirts of the largest rainforest in the world.  i had met some bird watchers.

birds here (as everywhere) are really cool.  they build these nests in huge ancient trees that are something like condos for many families.  i saw every level today from construction to residence and both were moments that i wish i would have convinced myself to bring a camera with me this morning; perhaps i can paint beauty with words.

i sat under many trees today with a face endlessly pointed to the branches above.  it gave me such happiness in the middle of two rough days.  i want to see more birds and trees and i know that sounds childish but it is a great ambition.  i want to see more colors, in fact im happier in colorful places even though i often question my ability to identify colors correctly.  i can feel here that i am on the welcome matt of a great continent that i plan to wander extensively.  i am an experienced traveler and i have come to know that the first few months of any new country will bring challenges and i always come back to my teachings (which i will not hide - the dharma) and it always brings me such happiness to feel that light in the middle of a foggy day.

i keep my principles secret and my beliefs about the way the universe works will only slip from my mouth when provoked but they are both very special things to me.  at times i feel very alone in my beliefs and i am always looking for places to meet with others.  at these times i also begin to search introspectively for the lessons i have learned and perhaps forgotten in the past which have revealed their truths to me with so much love and light.  it is not as silly as it sounds but one can find a temple inside of oneself and inside it contain all of the knowledge and spirituality he or she has ascertained in a lifetime and visit this place when needed.  lately i've been revisiting this place and watering dying flowers.  i have built a beautiful temple, i forgot how nice it is in here.

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