Wednesday, January 23, 2013

job2do2 (and lack of creativity for a good title)

i've been inspired about something lately and i want to write about it, perhaps so i have something to look back on and remember the moment which began such inspiration.  i have long since passed the idea that life is like a path, i've always felt that to be so limiting.  instead i prefer the idea that life is like a big open field with different landscapes in each direction - i recently watched a documentary about the history of legend of zelda, the creator compared the beginning of link's quest to something like this.  life is a child in a field who is lost and it is only through his adventures and exploration both inward and outward does he grow and become strong.

i got sidetracked.  i want to teach again but not in the bill-paying private lesson way that i've been working lately.  i've become pretty good at the art which i once studied and i am constantly searching for new ways to challenge myself.  en este momento (in my best argentine accent) yo no puedo mentir, yo quiero enseñar niños.  i miss it.  i only wonder how long it will be until i jump back on that train.

funny how old photos make us draw lines between then and now.  is life so linear?  i have not yet decided.. i don't usually think before i write.

in buenos aires i feel very far away from the world.  maybe i'm just looking in the wrong direction. maybe i'm just afraid of what lies beyond that jungle on the other side.  an amazing journey awaits me after about 40 days and 40 nights and when you, the rest of the world, sees me again i'll not be the same.  

i watch as the lessons of the world reveal themselves to me and i jealously admire their talent to become so obvious; i don't think people ever would take me seriously enough to understand such secrets.  it's amazing what you learn when you're in a good mood and pay attention to strangers, you just have to do it sometimes in other languages - that's a blessing, not just a frustrating challenge.

i love this world.  i love the system of physics both outward and inward that has been presented before us.  i love maps of the world and i hang them proudly upside down on the walls of my mind.  early today when an old friend asked me if all my traveling has made me realize the genuine similarities that mark us as human and i responded, 'absolutely not!'.  maybe i'm alone on this but the world is absolutely dynamic and colorful and actually i see few similiarities between cultures.  we are all very different sides of the same gem, of course, but my gosh do we view it differently.  i speak not about the need for family and the fact that we eat and sleep and love i just embrace the notion that we all do these things SO differently.

and i was once affraid of globalization.. fear not of globalization - it's a conceded united states of american thought to believe the world still wants to be like USA.  that's so 1998.

well that about sums up my ranting for the moment.  this concludes tonights broadcast from Dr. Enrique Finochietto studios, Buenos Aires.  you stay sexy, Argentina.

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