Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chagrin 2013

i got to see some good faces last night belonging to people who i've waited far too long to see.  about ten years ago these three boys and me (minus the little one in matt's arms of course) used to meet in the basement of a house to make musical magic together.  we've often dubbed these times the best summers of our youth and this title is well deserved.  i think of them as the launching pad i've had into some great adventures and seeing them reminded me of how cuirous i was about the world.  much has happened between now and then for all of us and we are quite far down our paths.  it's really nice to be together again and strum chords to the songs we once chanted so long ago.


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  1. It was good seeing you old friend. Listening to your stories from far away makes me question everything. "run fool"