Thursday, September 5, 2013


on this beautiful afternoon in kadıköy i met with a fortune teller on a rooftop terrace overlooking the bosphorus.  i was slightly uneasy and this was probably caused by the two cups of çay and turkish coffee which i took on an empty stomach; i had been fasting for undisclosed reasons and the bitter caffine struck my belly.  she was mystical in appearance although her style of dress did nothing to reflect her status as a fortune teller.  her eyes however were a dark foggy green and the cigarette which she constantly followed by another cigarette seemed to create a smoke which danced around her face gently.

when you have your fortune told in turkey it is done through an intuitive session of turkish coffee and a finger which is placed on the inverted cup filled with the dregs of your finished drink.  i closed my eyes and asked a question or as the turkish people might infer a wish.  the cup cooled and my fortune was revealed to me.

today i was told that in four to six months i will come to a sign in my life which will be very telling of the next stage of my life.  she saw three types of energy which seem to pull me in separate, although creative, directions.  sometime soon i will be given a gift which seems to be minimal or almost silly however four days later it will remind me of someone from the past who has effected me greatly.  in two years i will be moving to a place which can see both a big hill and plenty of sea.  she told me that my life is one of a great and experienced man who is standing on top of a great historical building or pile of antiquity.  i constantly create new things and new ideas which i draw from the antiquity that i have come to experience in life and i understand the importance of our collective history as people.  a man from my family has long lived a monotonous life creatively however after a big and detrimental event a few years back he has suddenly become more colorful and appreciative of the world around him.  i will probably not have children however i will live a very long life (inşallah) and the love i find will be that of a person who understands the importance of simplicity in the way that i too value. 

i think that is about it.  i tried to write it down before i forgot it all. 

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