Tuesday, October 29, 2013

i was inspired by a great conversation with a friend over six afternoon cups of tea.  for a long time i've been unclear about things beyond this world, namely matters which exist above the sights and sounds in front of us which are obvious.  in essence i've wondered about god and what god is or perhaps if god even exists.  at a young age i wrapped myself around what i previously thought to be a cop out and i told people that i believe in the universe.  in places like turkey where people are generally quite religious i find this to be a safe response to questions of my deism yet i never knew exactly how deeply i do actually believe in this thing called the universe (perhaps it is after all what one might call god).

i've known for a long time the importance of living a virtuous life and by that i mean a life which does not step on the toes of others, as i say.  i do not want to interrupt anybody's journey through life and i don't wish to interfere with the processes of the universe.  *this is about to get hippy, i'm sorry.  i believe in vegetarianism for this reason.  i don't like to support the interference with life and i believe that all things have a right to live.  i lie when i say that i'm a vegetarian for health reasons, actually i believe deeply that life is sacred and humans should have no place above other animals on the food chain because of our advantages technologically.  i find that because i often surround myself with people who poke fun at others for their alternative views on life that i occasionally hold back my true beliefs but i'm getting to the point where i do not want to hide them anymore.

although i did not create the wording of this thought, i do believe it truly and deeply.  we are the imagination of the universe.  the planet jupiter, or the respiratory system, or lotus flowers, or sesame seeds perhaps, all of these things are items of great imagination that have come to be by a great series of chance and improbability by which each and every person have been manifested in similar manner.  i believe the universe is a great artist and that we are works of art and creativity.  we cloud our thoughts constantly by feeding our ego ideas that bring us unhappiness.  it is not the walks of life which hold us back but the thoughts in our heads which lie to us.  i wonder sometimes if the thoughts of humans have become too abstract to understand the simple things, like love, or sesame seeds, or jupiter perhaps.  lately i've taken my imagination to another level and i've begun the practice of viewing the world from the perspective of a lover of art.  i'm absolutely tickled by the creative things that our universe has provided before us.  sometimes i can't wait to wake up in the morning because there are so many beautiful things to take in out there and i'm thankful for every step i've been given along the way.

i also want to add that it really goes a long way to walk with your head up.  there are so many things out there trying to hold us beneath the waves but the world really looks different when you look at it with parallel perspective.  my travels are thick and the world is not a small place.  it is true that i cannot wait to see what is next but for now i'm enjoying this moment and smiling widely at the creative pieces of art left behind by a strange and mysterious universe.

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  1. fearless speech

    try to always tell the truth, but it's ok to tell it slant

    because some of us will go to our graves with the music still inside