Monday, June 23, 2014

the nothingness of things

perhaps the most amazing and terrifying feeling out here is the extreme aloneness.  i call it not loneliness because that would equate sadness however there is this overwhelming sensation that i could vanish in any direction and the world would have no idea where i am.  i can see that sentiment in the eyes of those who have washed ashore in madagaskar and found themselves a permanent residence here yet i know that my wanderings are only temporary and because of this i take with me that aloneness and search deep inside for happiness in the small things all around: the birds chirping, the random heavy rains.

yesterday i shifted direction and faced my compass towards a new destination to the southeast.  i was confronted with more than i was equipped for in the north and i have many corners of this strange island to explore.  i write this from a cafe in Tamatave, a city i have come to hate, and moments after i publish this post i will be bound again for the jungle to the west.  ive located a place where i can set up camp and gather supplies for the next period of time and truly im looking forward to the myriads of animals which call out in the night however ive not yet seen.  this city makes one edgy and you are forced to carry a mean face, something i was not born with.  in the 12 hours since ive come here ive been surrounded by shifty eyes and prostitutes carrying poison of many kinds.  this pulls me to my hotel balcony alone with two warm beers and an old samsung playing cumbia as i jot in my journal my plan to escape from 'civilisation'. 

i have met some of the friendliest smiles and warmest laughs in the last two weeks when i was stranded in Mahambo and i know now that it has served its purpose in the ways of the universe as now i am equipped with enough knowledge of this island to survive the next bit of my journey.  it is time to be alone for a while and spend some energy searching for the animals which exist only here and nowhere else in the world.  by the time this post has reached the time zone of my friends back in USA i will be deep in jungle with knife and tent.  im healthy and happy and my heart carries the love of all those who have blessed my life.  see you soon my friends.

my temporary home in Mahambo

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one last sacrifice to the gods


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  1. Chris! You make me crazy about travelling. It is cruel man, :)