Tuesday, August 12, 2014

play i some music

somehow in the chaos of things i find myself trapped in an airport for some 30 hours due to heavy rains and flash flooding.  my eyes are tired from lack of sleep and i'll not be seeing my family this week.  rather i'll be waiting here until 630 tomorrow morning to board yet another flight towards another corner of this strange planet to visit some even stranger friends.

the first person i meet is much different than myself. he is arrogant and paranoid, a regular grosse point lawyer. he chooses not to share the last hotel room with me and that is understandable as americans are uneasy around strangers.  the second person comes from the same page of my book. he is friendly and generous yet a poor man.  he gives me his backup phone charger and tells me not to stop my music. the third, fourth and fifth are jamaicans who are equally stranded.  we share memories and knowledge of folk music as they are a musical bunch with light in their hearts.

some covet the jewels of this world yet do not recognize its beauty.  some appreciate beauty and are envious of its gentle simplicity.

where were you?  did you hide from the rain or learn to dance in the water?

i want to practice smiling and share it with strangers no matter my concern for their reactions.  this life is way too short to waste without joy and i'll not be disheartened by the fear of the foolish-hearted and their lack of compassion.

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