Monday, November 17, 2014

an empty bottle a full bottle

there is a sentiment in buddhism that i have learned in the past.  buddhism teaches that we are much like a container or a vessel of sorts and what we choose to fill that container reflects our lives in a great way.  some people are empty.  if you were to tap on the side of an empty container it will make a loud hollow sound and such is the way that empty people speak.  as it turns out, the fool is the one who speaks too often in an empty way yet a wise person is one who is full of the correct teachings and thus makes no empty sound.

i have taken this thought a few steps further and considered to myself what people may be full of.  it seems that some people are full of frustration and their sound resonates in their voice.  some are full of happiness and they have a delightful sound which is appeasing to the ear.  perhaps some people are full of thick darkness and their sound is muffled by their anger.

i wondered what i am made of.

only a fool or an arrogant person would boast of themselves and display to the world what they think they are made of so i have chosen to let that sound be interpreted by those who know me best.  i could only hope that my sound is resonated with a happy tune yet i know that at times i too am frustrated or full of things that i have become afflicted with in my life.  having said this, i want to learn to fill myself with wisdom.  my ears are tuned to filter what i believe to be thoughts of contamination and of course it is up to me to choose not to be lead into the temptation of emptiness.  may the sound which my vessel resonates bring wisdom upon itself and reflect the lessons i have learned in this life.  may they not be forgotten.

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