Wednesday, February 25, 2015



i wrote an original post and read it to myself a few times.  it wasn't nice.  i wrote about depression and how bad it sucks to deal with something which people can't understand but now as i read back on it i have changed my mind.  it is something that i have to cope with and something that few people will be able to wrap their heads around save a few random people who check this blog and know where i'm coming from.  to those of you who this applies to i want it to be known that i've learned how to deal with it and i hope you do too.. we have a job to do on this earth and i wont let depression stop me from what i've come here to do.

now here we are.. waiting.. ten days or so are about to slowly pass and then i'll be off into the void exploring another beautiful corner of planet earth.  i'm older now, wiser, a few more stories to tell and i think that my words might be able to stir some interest in the hearts of travelers who are yet to begin their journeys.  so this is what it is, an open letter to people just as curious as me.

dear traveler,

when you were growing up you used to stare out of the window.  you didn't pay attention in class, in fact you felt that formal education was holding you back from the real world.  somewhere out there was a lesson to be learned and you were thirsty to experience this world first hand.  nobody understood you.  you were brought to tears when you watched documentaries showing the true colors of this planet.  you travel not to escape from the people you know but to learn more about the ways in which other people live their lives.  you take comfort in loneliness but you're not alone.  you will meet others who think like you and others who of course are as fearless as you in your wanderings.  you care not which day of the week it is or how many years you have collected under your belt.  you ask not what a person has learned yet what he/she has seen, where they have been.  you wonder what the stars look like from other corners of the globe and you believe deep in your heart that life is not supposed to be the way you were taught.  nobody understood you.  they never believed you would take that flight but you will.. you will and you you're going to see this planet from the inside out and i believe in you.  you're brave and you never accept things for the way they are.  you'll find a way to get out.  life and everything you know about it has lied to you and you choose not to be part of a system which discourages personal growth.  you are not your job or your car or your student loans or your wallet, you are a traveler and you are about to see this world from a perspective others can only dream about.  run you fool... the whole world is waiting for you.   i believe in you.

your's truly,
christopher matthew ardagna

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