Tuesday, June 2, 2015

But one thing is surely eternal It's condition of a man Who don't know where he is going Who don't know where does he stand

Life. Love. Stress. Setbacks. Anxiety. Silence. Time. Idealism. Realism. Depression. Serotonin. Unwarranted happiness. Caffeinated energy. Cannabis. Creativity. Alcohol. Stupidity. Friends. Lovers. Uncertainty.

Tomorrow I'll have been washed ashore here for a whole month.  Washing boats.  Thinking.  Planning my next move.  I've gotten a dozen emails from strangers who are worried about me, I'm fine.  Of course I'm fine.  I may be off the grid for a while but rest assured I'll be back in the world again.  Soon.  Perhaps alone.  We wanderers forever seeking the lonelier way..

Enter an apathetic writer whose head is too far in the clouds to find the right words to describe the beauty his travels have laid out.  Depression is a fucking asshole.  Oh yeah I went to Borneo.  Totally forgot.  Maybe a trip to Scotland soon.  Mexico?  Always knew something was waiting for me there.

I'm lost.  Sorry I'm not myself.  Coffee helps.  Don't wait too long.. I have wings waiting to lift me, almost strong enough.  I always loved this world.  Someone out there wants to fly with me.


I feel better already 


  1. Biriyle konuşman gerek... Eğer içinden geçen düşüncelerini, kaygılarını ve seni mutsuz eden durumları anlatırsan bunu atlatman daha kolay olacaktır... Problemin kaynagini bulmalısın.Sadece senin başına gelmediği için kolaylıkla atlatacaksın. Yeter ki buna inan.

  2. So... let's fly then.. and be lonely together:)