Monday, September 21, 2015

Sobre todo.. No tengas miedo

What does it mean to belong somewhere?  I ask myself that a lot these days as I find myself on yet another adventure into the slightly unknown (I have been here before.. Kind of.. I was a different person then..) but I can't seem to find an answer.  I see these people in windows from their houses and the streets and parks I pass by.  I see them laughing and smiling and loving one another.  Sometimes I see them fight and drunkenly shout in levels of language I can't comprehend yet.  Sometimes they have children or a peculiar pet and some of them are old men who feed the birds in the park.  The whole world is like this.  I never said the cliche that 'we are all really the same after all' but we do have things in common.  What do they think of me?  They seem so relieved we I can speak their language.  I'm the tattooed freak with a friendly face that smiles at children and winks at shop keepers when I leave.  Mom always taught me to have a good heart.  Dad reminded me that there is always something to learn.  

Life is a wild wild ride and I wasn't afraid to take the journey.  Fortune favors the brave yet I'm no stranger to the perils of being foolish.  I've made more mistakes than I ever could have imagined but I've learned from most of them and I know not to be bad to people.  So why do I feel so lost?  Always.  I feel so lost for so long that I'm just used to it.  I lead the life of a strange wanderer who accepted the responsibility of intercultural exploration and this world is so big.  I can't believe the places I've been, I'm so lucky.  It's good to be in Granada again as I've thought about this place quite a lot over the years.  It hasn't changed at all.  Somehow in this small lakeside town nestled between mountains and history I remember what it is I set out to do.. To flip over every crown and prove that both King and beggar are both human, to show the people of this world that we were born free and we are not to be slaves to fear.  Be bold my friends.  Be fucking bold because your greatest enemy is the fear and doubt that you harbor in your hearts.  Walk this earth with your head up and never forget that nobody is better than you and you are above no one.  Believe in yourself and be true to your instinct, pursue whatever you love in this beautiful world and do it fearlessly.


  1. You are a wonderful soul and I'm so proud to call you my friend. 馃挏