Monday, December 14, 2015

Chasing volcanoes..

It seems that the farther I disappear into this world of sights and sounds the deeper I disappear, a story, that boy who wandered off like he said he would.  Nobody tells us how these stories pan out.  There is no table of contents to give us hints, we just read along and muse ourselves with tales that are so appeasing to the imagination that we begin to narrate our own lives.  

I don't mind.

I don't care if I ever truly find out what's waiting beyond those hills or what color the grass is on the other side.  I've learned to stop wondering such foolish things.  I know now that one day the happiest among us will be those who stop asking such questions and just let things be.  

This world will swallow me up one day and you as well.  It matters not how you feel about that.  One day every story ever written in your short years will be forgotten and you too will become the same star stuff which manifested life so many times over and I'm ok with that if you are.  For now I'm watching the sunset channel and still foolishly wondering what lays beyond those hills because I am the one who escaped and I am the one destined to die free.  I've come to terms with my place within these stars and my story is a good one.  

So small we are, so endless we thought we would be.  

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