Monday, January 25, 2016

It's time for you to find your way..

When I'm swimming underwater I imagine that my body is floating through outer space.  The waves take me through distant galaxies and I'm greeted by the mysterious creatures and strange plants who dwell in this otherworldly plane.  When I surface I feel like I'm waking up from a deeply imaginative dream and I'm welcomed by the songs of sea birds circling me overhead.  Sometimes I float on my back and let the moonlight turn my face silver and often it is such a beautiful moment that I cannot tell where earth ends and the sky begins.  

I'm looking at my hands, bronzed on their backs from days of kayaking the lakes of Petén.  I traveled this country far and wide and planted many curious seeds for my imagination to nurture and I'll be back soon.  

I don't ask many questions about life when I travel, I'm told we only find ourselves asking more questions but I'm too far down the river to wonder where I fit in this world.  I'm not sure life means anything, it's just an adventure with love and curiosity and after all these years on the river I'm not convinced that I've come to figure out anything at all.  Yet I continue to wander with patience and wide eyes and I don't think I'll ever stop.  

How strange?  We are ghosts trapped inside lumps of flesh and bone seemingly confined to a large wet rock barreling through space.  We carry the stones of our experiences, some good some guilty, that eventually pull us down into the earth from which we came.  Our bodies rest in the dirt of the same space-ship-planet from which we wander freely.  There are literally no limitations to the imagination this planet has dreamed up for us, we owe a great deal of debt to this world.

Be humble.  Be wise, be bold, be patient.  This life is not as complicated as you think.  Don't worry if you lose your life, you'll be back.. we weren't put here to stay yet we are "the universe expressing itself as human for a little while".  I don't think life is supposed to make sense, in fact the fewer questions we ask the more we can let the bliss of simplicity guide us gently down the river.  

I've known many great humans from this planet, I'm thankful for being part of their journeys.  I've seen the most beautiful corners of this world (so far) and now I can't wait to see what's around the next bend.  I've got a lot to teach but much, much more to learn.  My life is a constant surprise and I've learned the rewards of curiosity.  Be bold, pursue love.  


  1. Chris! I met you before 2 years ago at ET and i cant believe you are still live your dreams. You had must married and got 3 children boy! I am your fan Chris, i will be Chris when i grown! loovees