Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cuzco, Peru

I have this personal tradition of asking myself whether or not I could live in the places I travel to.  It is not a matter of survival just a sense of energy I feel in new places and I can tell within a few hours if a place would be good for me.  When I pulled into Cuzco the city jumped to me and became alive with an ancient history and every part of me told my conciousness that I could definitely live here.

I was told that Cuzcu requires some amount of time to take it all in and I found that to be absolutely true.  The city has this curious brown, which you can see in some of the following photos, that seems to have emerged from the earth long ago in the great time of the Inca.  You can somehow feel what it was like to be around in the time shortly after the Spanish arrived during that looming time which reaches all civilizations as one is clashed with another from a seemingly different world.

Peru is amazing.  I am really underqualified as a writer and in that realization I no longer search for good adjectives to describe the places I see.  Having said that I can simply claim Peru to be amazing.  It is really cool.  The Spanish is easy to understand and the beauty is exponential.  I look very forward to my next few weeks here.

Los Mercados Abiertos de San Pedro.  A very colorful market which marks the center of Peru's culinary diversity.  

Photos not for the squeemish.  This is Antonia (that is the name of the pig).  I asked politely for this photo and the woman replied that it was okay only as long as I take a photo of the cousins as well.

the cousins of Antonia..

A very old woman conned me into buying all of this rosemary for about 30  US cents.. yeah..

From this photo on I was just a curious traveler randomly snapping shots of this great city.  Perhaps in the future I will be able to fill in more details about the cool things I have come across.

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