Sunday, April 7, 2013

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

the hour reaches the hottest part of the day and when the rest of the people in this small desert town are having their siesta i find myself across from a new friend from faraway with an armful of cold day-beers between us.  one hour ago we didn't know each others names and now we have found a way to inspire each other about different corners of this earth we both have yet to travel.  he tells me about africa and i tell him about the islands of the south pacific ocean.  in this confines of this small desert hospidaje you can hear several different languages between the few guests all seeming to blend together like birds of different feathers.  somehow in this moment i am more content than i have ever been; our stories slowly erase the boundries we have drawn between nations.

this trip has been a different one than the many travels i have taken in the past.  south america is very spread out and you can be on the road for many days before you find places to sit and enjoy conversation with other travelers.  in many ways this is very nice because you can easily lose yourself in the natural beauty that paints the world around you.  everywhere you end up seems to be a secret treasure that can only be accessed by word of mouth and the other travelers you meet on the way become the most potent sources of information.

my new friend tells me about a trip he took through namibia and i sit with eyes wide open in the same way i have during the many times on many travels when i meet those who know africa personally.  they seem to be a different kind of traveler, one who knows what they are doing and knows that they cannot satisfy that thirst to explore the world in other corners which are much more accessible.  they seem a bit more weathered by their experiences and often they tell their tales as if in hindsight they might not have made the same choices however they are glad with what they did. 

my personal travels have taken me around the world into a myriad of amazing locations and i feel so content in these moments with other people who know what i have been through because they have experienced it first hand.  that is all i really ever wanted from the world was to see it for myself and find some way to disprove the notion that it is a small world.  it is in fact a very very large world and i dont think one could ever completely fill in the blanks of our imagination.  this planet is incredible and the people here have really colored things up in many different ways.  travel has taught me that humans really aren't so bad sometimes and there is much interpretation to be made from the similiar things we all experience in life. 

i'm going home soon, i can feel it.  each time i am away the distance in my heart doubles and the months feel like lifetimes.  i'll soon make for myself a small corner in the humble city where my parents have raised me and see the united states as a visitor, a sensation which i never knew i would feel.  it is hard for some to imagine what it is like to live for so many years in other countries where you have to learn a second or even third language to get by and when you come back to your own country it is simply mind boggling to understand every single word.  i'll again follow the quite path and absorb the energy from people who i haven't seen in ages. 

until then i have a job to do.  i'll soon be at the border of peru ready to explore a country that has tickled my imagination for a long time. 

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