Sunday, July 27, 2014



About three weeks ago it seemed as if I had completely destroyed my SD card and lost a lot of photos but I have finally recovered a few of them.  I've since made my way back to istanbul and this evening I will be leaving to visit a beautiful city on the Aegean Sea of Turkey facing the Greek island.  It amazes me how different my life becomes over the course of a few long hours and three flights with mixed sleep.  Suddenly I'm back in my favorite city in the world and only a short time later I'm off on my own again in a whole new world.  This summer will continue to be this way as I'm soon to make my way back to Detroit and eventually west to visit some of my best friends in Colorado.  Somewhere down the recent line of my history my brain has shut off and I have become 100% open to watching this story unfold without doing much to manipulate it.  There is a very interesting chapter of my book being read to me in this past few months and it is taking me to some new walk of life which I cannot yet understand.  I embrace it with the same love I have embraced all other curiosities I've come across in my strange life.

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