Monday, September 15, 2014


for two days i couldn't wake up.  i walked around in a zombie-like state and could hardly put two words together in my mind.  then suddenly a wave of lucidity hit me about an hour before i went to bed last night and i slept better than i have in a long time.  not only did i sleep but i had a series of intense and seemingly inexplicable dreams which i hardly remember this morning.  it hit me that i haven't dreamed (or at least remembered dreaming) in a week or two and perhaps there is something really important in the dream cycle which keeps us fully conscious in the waking life.  i thought about this deeply this morning and how it applies to life in a bigger way.

there is this girl, a friend i've never met, who is bound for great adventures in this life.  she found me somehow through the analects of the internet and continues to follow my ramblings and travels over many many moons.  she too is a dreamer.  she too is conscious in her waking life and i know that she is also bound to the journeys around the world one day when she learns how to not only dream but understand the importance of connecting the dream world to the conscious world we all live in.

this is the power of dreaming, it gives us a connection as human (and in fact animal) that somehow doesn't require words.  i look at my students sometimes and i can tell that they saw dreams last night.  sometimes they even tell me that they have dreamed of me and i don't take that at all to be strange.  i've had students write me emails and tell me their elaborate dreams they have seen me in and i absolutely feel a connection to these people.  what a guilty pleasure it is to invade someone's deep subconscious thoughts.

today i am awake and ready for the world outside.  i've restarted the process of working and meditating on my future travels, i once called this 'stewing'.  i actually don't know where i'm going next but i've chosen to leave my thoughts open.  it is truly a vast and massive planet with delicious cultures and musical colors beyond every great sea and mountain.  i want to pursue love and beauty in every form and pick happiness off nature all around me.  wherever i end up next i'll not forget the boundless moment i live in today. 

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