Tuesday, September 2, 2014

in that former life... were you the committed type who never missed a hanging?

the rains here are strange.  they come down in full power for a short while then leave the sky a gritty silver with a great distance between the clouds and the earth.  the sun pokes through like a winking eye in the evening and i shuffle through songs on my phone to find the appropriate music to catch this moment; kill the radio.. listen to the rain fall.  

i wonder what i am to this place, a seed tossed into a strong wind.  i sneak out at night and company myself with people who understand me and see the world through the same crystal ball that i do.  we smile and hug and touch glasses together as our stories become anecdote to an already rich story we've written together.  

i want to see so much more of this world.  i want to see water fall off cliffs and smash on thankless rocks below.  i want to feel the sun burn through the cracks between leaves and branches of trees and i want to wake up hearing the sounds in my dreams drift slowly into the dreams of my waking life.  metaphysical and poetic indeed.. such is life.  

still.. somehow in this moment i feel the confusion in wondering more about who i am.. or what i am.. what have i done in this world?  was it all a dream?  will you share this moment with me?  

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