Tuesday, October 14, 2014

meet me there

it must be october.  somehow from that deeply rooted southeast Michigan upbringing i can tell that the seasons are changing.  change is good, i accept change and this is the time of year for me that i become introspective and focus my energy more locally.  winter has not yet fallen and i have not taken to daydreams about how i'm going to make my escape from this place in the way that i do every year.  actually i don't even know what i'm going to do next.

i call this 'stewing'.  it is my time to gather ingredients that i've collected from other travelers and i am going to toss these into a slow simmering stew in my brain to see what delicious adventures i can think up next. 

honestly though i have no idea.  i toyed with the idea of going to ireland for a while.  i would love to see the island which produces some of my favorite folk music.  i haven't completely rejected the idea but somehow i feel a calling to continue traveling to far off locations that people usually only hear of in national geographic articles.  there is something very appealing to me to be able to wander so far and i'd like to believe that i've gotten good at it.  i do hear a tiny hum of a voice in my head telling me to go back to the south pacific.  i can save my coins for the next few months and jump on a series of well-planned yet cheap flights and make my way to indonesia and then perhaps papua new guinea.  that just sounds incredible.  however these are only ideas right now and admittedly my life is on the boring side compared to previous months of backpacking an exotic and strange island.

these days i'm making music.  i've tapped into a part of my deep consciousness that is accessible only through long hours of repetitive sounds and occasional chemical recreation.  i have this band now called EZ lisnin.  i won't say much more about the project but i will say that i absolutely love playing music with these guys, i wish we had more time.

for now i'm going back into hiding.  i probably wont post much in this blog because i don't think anyone cares about my writing unless i'm somewhere far away.  granted i am far away right now.. and that leaves me with a final sentiment that i always seem to forget. it always passes my mind that i live in a different country with a different language with a different culture.  i have gotten so used to being here that it is easy to forget how fortunate i am.  perhaps in the future i should write more about my life here but for now i believe i'm going to be in hiding for a while.  

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  1. I actually quite enjoy your posts when you're not in far off places.