Monday, April 6, 2015


somewhere between the sea of endlessness and the sandy shores of dreams there exists these tiny creatures who show their faces only when you walk the coast late at night.  i'm not sure what to call them, plankton perhaps, and i've consciously decided not to read up on them.  i choose to let them tickle my vivid imagination and remind me that i'm in a magical place somewhere very far away from home.. wherever that may be.

i was too sandy to carry a camera so i found some photos to share a glimpse of what i saw that night.  my mind's eye carries those images forever for me personally but i want to show what bioluminescence looks like.

i first saw them in Gili a few weeks ago while walking with friends from a small music festival held on the beach late at night.  we stayed until about 5:00 in the morning and took a long two hours to walk only about a half a kilometer back to our bungalows.  our walk was slow and patient as we stopped many times to swim or just walk out among the low tides in the former coral, all running it's cycle.  i can't explain the beauty i saw that morning..

our first encounter with the magical blue creatures came earlier that evening when i was at the festival.  i swore i saw a few glimmering lights in the tide but my friends were skeptical.  it was much later into the next morning when what i saw became a reality to everyone.  at first they dance very mildly in the gentle waves but you can disturb them with a soft splash of your hands, then you see the magic.  you can even bathe with them and as you stand from the water you see them swimming down your body as if the very fabric of the universe has trickled down your back.

the fading of their lights told us that morning was soon to come and we were to watch the blue of their backs turn into the pink of the rising sun.  as the sun slowly raised itself over the volcanoes of bali on the other side of the sea we closed our eyes and took the warmth of the gentle star on our faces.  nobody spoke, there were no need for words.