Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the caged red owl i saw in my dream

it's hard not to lose yourself looking off into the Bali Sea at night.  it's a cut of my recently dubbed favorite ocean, the indian ocean, and its calm waves are silenced by the archepelago which hugs it.  the peaceful islands almost make a family around the surrounding seas and in their comfort one can witness an amazing phenomenon at night, bioluminesensce.

the blue magic comes from plankton who shows its face near the tide only when disturbed at night.  there is nothing like it in the world, i almost think i'm dreaming when i see it.  if you stay up late enough you can watch it slowly transforn into the pink morning sky.  i took no photographs, this memory is for me.

i can see it (i can't really see it but i can picture it), the far horizon on borneo just north of me.  it is an island which calls home to three countries and swallows from within itself a deep and ancient people of many tribes, a people painted with tattoos so as not to be forgotten by the gods.

a few nights ago i had a dream about a tiny red owl locked in a cage.  he was frantic and crying, begging in plain english to be left alone.  i wanted to help it and maybe set it free but it was terrified by my hand when i opened the cage.  i felt so bad for it, to see something so helpless and affraid.  i don't know why i had that dream but it haunted me a little.  i cannot say that i still believe there is meaning in dreams but i do feel the emotions that come along with them.  in this dream i felt the same pain i feel everytime i see a caged animal or a poorly treated pet.  it hurts me what we have done to the world and how steadfast we are in our attempts to make in a planet completely owned by man.  even in our people who live among nature we hurt and push into small corners of our nations in which they bear only a glimpse of the natural world they one enjoyed.  maybe that is why i have such dreams, maybe i know that in my travels i pry my own eyes open conciously to the sight of a natural world coming to an end.  it hurts and confuses me.  i never got it.. i never really fit in here anyway and maybe that's why i take comfort in the ways of the old.

now i sit watching the magic syrround me wondering about the tiny dot on the horrizon.  i wonder what secrets they hold and what they have left to tell us before the world i come from destroys it completely.