Friday, November 27, 2015

Cañon de Somoto, Nicaragua

Yesterday I lept from a cliff into the rivers passing through Somoto somewhere near the Honduras border of Nicaragua.  I jumped through a passing breeze of leaves from the sacred ceiba tree and a group of scattering cave bats and plunged into the currents of a river that has carved away this beautiful corner of the world over many years.  The waters of the canyon carried me through my thoughts and I cannot help but feel closer to the gods who brought life to the ancient people that once called this their home.  I lean back and float.. and watch the sky turn into a colorful display of mid day weather as I'm unsure where earth begins and heaven ceases to be.  I forget my name.  

This corner of the planet hides from the rest of the world and is only heard of through the whispers of passing travelers carrying with them tales of interesting places to visit and pictures from past adventures.  I wave to the villagers who greet me with toothy grins and childlike laughter that remind me how far I've come in my years of travel on this interesting planet.  

Now I sit full of a rejuvenated energy wondering what the gods have in store for me next.  How did I get here?  How did a curious 7 year old boy win a contest in first grade and choose a world map for his prize?  How did I get to be so courageous even under the negativity I was once greeted with?  I don't know.. I do however know that fortune favors the brave and the world is full of surprises if you're willing to explore it.  

I'm back in Nicaragua, I've missed it so.  I know the language now and I can make conversation with those whom I cross paths.  This 7 year old boy has grown up and learned many things and many languages.  He has felt the streams and rivers which being fresh water and life to ancient lands and he has swam in the seas and oceans from which all things on earth have once crawled out of.  He lives a life of simplicity and knows full well that the universe is an enigmatic paradox which is always listening to our thoughts and providing intuition which does not fall on deaf ears.  That same universe, the goddess as I've come to call her, only speaks to us if we have ears which are willing to listen.  She does not believe in good nod evil as nature does not operate in good and evil.  She provides us which questions which come in the form of riddle and metaphor and should we ignore her she will cease to offer a voice in our ears calling us to explore.  One day she will swallow me up as she consumes all living things and turn me back into the simple elements of life from which all things come.


Life.. Life is a precious and wonderful mystery.  We are here such a short time and our stories all come to an end.  Some stories haven't been written yet however the characters already exist.  The plants which surround us are the fabric of life which will one day turn into the proteins responsible for human life.  "Pre-carnation" (as I've dubbed it) entails that people who are not even born yet already exist in nature all around us.  Likewise the matter which has come together to form our bodies will also one day return to the earth and come back again in the form of new life as we are all part of a cycle.  Like these rivers carry me down the ancient currents somewhere here in Central America so too do the very elements which carry all life.  

I feel so awake..

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