Wednesday, November 4, 2015

not everything in this magical world..

they say that smell is the most potent trigger of memory.. today i was working on a boat in some faraway corner of some faraway marina and suddenly this scent hits me and takes me back to that summer about ten years ago.  it doesn't even matter what happened ten years ago but it was this 'portal' of sorts through time that connected me toward the idea of what time even means.  i sat in this moment and really thought for a minute that i could place my feet in the wet cement of time yet only a fool believes he is going to be here forever.

illusions.  i feel illusion all around me and days like today it's like i've wiped the haze out of my eyes and i can see the universe for what it really is, a beautiful goddess with a wild imagination.

do i believe in destiny?  i have no idea.  i never thought i was much of anything but on days like today i feel like i have a calling somewhere and somehow the goddess speaks to me so clearly.  i did not betray my heart and i knew better than to think that 'this' (whatever 'this' is) is all that we are capable of.  humans are incredible.  i see so much potential in our existence and we can do so many amazing things in only one lifetime yet when we come to our twilight we begin to wonder whats next.


did you curse it? the moment i completely became myself, the day i began to open my eyes?  i know now what i have to do.  i have to wake up the world and i have to act fast.. i'm getting older and i'm thankful for every scar and tattoo i've decorated on my body yet there is not a moment to waste.  the fact is that there are people who care in this world.  it matters not to me who has hurt me and it matters not who has tried to cut me down.  i'm a grown man with a toothy grin and i'm going to do great things in this life, watch me.  i have no enemies.  i have no regrets and i have a song in my soul.

then i'll leave.  one day i'll leave this world and i don't know when.  death reaches its cold hand every second of the day and one day it will pull me down into the earth from which we all came.  there is only earth below and the stories which we leave behind, the interpretations we have of this curious and magical world.  nothing is what it seems.

shake it off... i'm still sitting on the front of a 2015 Formula SS 380.  it's funny how poetic i get when i think about life.. i'm not sure i even know what i'm talking about sometimes.  i just want to travel and eat good food and draw pictures and occasionally find the bottom of a cold beer bottle.  the fact is that i know what i want and i know how to do it.  this passing of time is great because the more time that passes the more people begin to support me.  i feel like they know somehow that i can see in plain vision what is ahead of me.. and i come to this point in my ramblings where i have advice: listen to the goddess inside of you.  listen to what truly excites you and makes you happy and follow your dreams until they are your waking life.  your heart will not deceive you and the little things which we dwell on are only set before us to remind us that nothing is quite what it seems.  you will see beautiful things in this life and you will know happiness if you make it a practice.  nobody can see the world from your perspective and few will ever care.  the world is a great chapter in a massive collection of books and we are writing its story every day.  

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