Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cedar, Michigan

so it seems now to have begun.. i've been here a long time in this place and i can already feel the effects of my separation.  this last chapter hasn't been silent yet i choose to continue this project without explaining my absense, i've just been working my butt off.  today marks the end of my first week back on the road and i've been having the craziest dreams but i can't remember any of them.

i woke up and it was raining.  i don't know what time it was when i fell asleep but the stars forgot to remind me that the clouds like to hang out in the same sky.  it's that kind of rainy day now where you feel wet even if you haven't gone outside in a while.  i love it.  i'm looking at this video that we are putting together and i'm loving every moment of this.  we travel in the forests and parks as well as seasides covered in sunset and the whole while i feel like there is a very tangible purpose to why i am here.

i've traveled so much.  i mean.. shit, i look back at some of the paths i've taken and i never in a million lifetimes would have imagined the story that is currently in progress.  i want that to be reflected in my projects but i'm really not that good at it.  some of this is just for me, my thoughts, my weirdness.

why are you wandering?  are you curious too?  i think i'm onto something but these things take time.  i heard recently that we are just making memories being remembered by our future selves.  shit my pits are stinky.

i'm doin' it.  i'm taking to the road because the road understands people like me.  it's with peace and love in my heart that i declare my love for this country and i leave it at that, i'm not a political person and i care even less about religion these days.  it's true.  recently i took the dusty slate that was my ego and washed it clean like a wet towel cleaning an elementary school chalk board.  now i believe in nothing all over again and i have no opinion of any matter, i just have to live a few more new experiences and form new opinions of everything again from scratch.  i wonder what it will reveal.

see you down the river everybody.  i promise pictures and musings from along the way but for now i'm still collecting myself.  this chapter is going to be a good one.  

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