Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shoepac Lake, Michigan

It's daytime.  Here, somewhere between nowhere and everywhere, I feel it again.  I feel that call from somewhere else and her voice is so familiar to me.  

The water is beautiful today at Lake Shoepac.  It has this tint of rusty yellow or maybe polished stones the way they look when fixed to jewelry.  I saw the reflection of the stars on the surface of the water a few nights ago when the waves were still.  Underwater, in this daytime, the sun shoots you with rays of light that turn from gold to silver when they reach the lake.  It's windy suddenly and two people walk by, funny how nature also an accent in new places.

So we look at maps and plan our way north to Guatemala (if that makes sense).  The upper peninsula of Michigan greets us tomorrow and provides passage into the endless west.  

Where am I now?  That is to ask where I am in life as a path but I no longer think of life as a path we take, I no longer see a lot of things as I used to.  Life is an open field, we are not confined to paths, I promise.  Where am I?  In a big field.  I'm in a field and there is no nighttime, not a dark starless one but a full moon turning our bodies into platinum.  

I bid thee farewell to "identity" as I no longer feel the need to be classified.  I am an open slate and I wish to create a new identity yet I can only do this through vigorous travel and patient mindfulness.  I hope to come out of this with clearer focus and better conciousness. 

So I swim out to the middle of the lake, Shoepac is a bowl-shaped body of water that formed when water entered from underground rivers, and I float in the sunshine above me.  All the while I think to myself how familiar this feels to me, I've dreamed like this before.  My body floating above the trees as the waves of lucidity pass in between.  I take one strong breath and dive as deep as I can into the cold darkness and turn to face the surface, "have I been dreaming?"

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