Thursday, December 18, 2014're a crazy breed. hope you're not lonely..

it's been too long since i've seen the pleasures of a day of silence.  this is a practice i used to do long ago when i found that my head needed to be screwed back on.  it's something i'm really long over due for seeing as how i have serious plans of travel for next year that i've hardly even put much work into.  maybe i'm just getting good at spontaneity or maybe i'm just too self-involved in the money saving process to realize what i'm actually working for.  

when i was a kid i always wanted to run away.  i never knew why.  i had great parents and came from a very comfortable life of the middle class american family's dream.  i wondered what it was that i'm running from.  i learned when i was about 19 the value of having less.  i had a small apartment crowded with about fifteen musical instruments and a lot of art supplies but one day i took all of them and dispersed them among my friends.  by the time i finished university i had a little more than a backpack and single guitar to my name.  less is more.  maybe this is what i was running from.

don't ever forget the value of nothingness.  i urge everybody to look deep inside of themselves and find what they are truly fortunate enough to be in possession of.  you have a heart and an imagination and a fiery soul that is begging you to explore the lands across the sea.  that fire is all i need in this world.  it is true that we live in a world run by money but so be it.  i'm part of the system and i work seven days a week to raise a seemingly intangible number in my back account but that's how it must be.  i'm no longer idealistic enough to see beyond such things.  all i know is that i've built a life for myself which provides opportunities to explore the faraway corners of the world.

i want to share a bit of my plans so far, although i've made a decision to begin the true planning of this trip after new years.

this is a map of indonesia with my destination clearly teasing from the center: borneo.  sometimes people ask what calls me to different places and i always tell them that ideas are like seeds in our minds.  somewhere along the line i've picked up on this thought of borneo, perhaps from national geographic videos or perhaps even more obscurely from a strange nickname my mother used to give me when i was very little, 'the wild baby of borneo' (i have no idea where that came from).  these seeds are planted in our heads and our imagination and personal interest become a way of watering those seeds to see them flourish into healthy travels.  soon it will be time again to own nothing more than a backpack.

i have voices in my head and i listen to them.  i hear things calling me from far away and i'm lead to them like an insect to a flame.  what curiosities await me on this vast remote island are only to be told with time but i promise my eyes to be wider upon my return.  

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  1. I loved this post. Always inspiring and relatable. Aah.joys of reading your posts at 2am on nights of solitude and peace.