Tuesday, December 30, 2014

oreo cookies and coffee :)

all i want for christmas are oreo cookies and coffee 
i'm planning my escape  
i call this stewing
my neighbors don't hate me.  i think they like my band
i had a stalker.  i'm flattered
indonesia hosts about 250 languagues
papua new guinea 848
the world is colorful and delicious
i'm proud of every scar on my body
ever mark of ink
every line on my face
one of my best friends is moving here soon
i wish they all could come
i miss my cat when i'm at work
i think she thinks i'm hiding around the corner
back to the matter at hand
i love the ocean
i love salt stuck to my lips and sand on my toes
the world is god damn big
i'm not out to conquer every country
i'm only listening to the voices in my head
i'm glad i used to suffer with depression
i'm glad no one noticed
i taught myself how to survive in this world
i'm not afraid of anything
i'm a liar, i'm afraid of everything
the thirties are awesome
 sometimes i think we are evolving into apes
not the other way around like we've been taught
my parents are my real heroes
my dad looked good in tube socks
and a mustache
i wonder if we would have hung out in the 80s
if i were an older-me back then
he knew me when i was a younger me
learning guitar was the best thing i've done
music teaches us how to hear
drawing teaches us how to see
i've been wrong about a lot of people
i should walk slower
but it's cold outside 
and i'm always looking over my shoulder
i love the following things:
micron pens
pizza with dill
belly buttons
dark hair
poorly drawn hands in famous artwork
rap music
heavy metal
*i hate blues.. sorry.. and horses.. i hate them too
i like breakfast in different countries
cold pillows
people from brazil
blue jean jackets
jeans with holes in them
face paint
being naked
çiğ köfte
the balkans
documentaries about the incas
outer space
carl sagan
and fanta

ohh löp löp karlar yağıyor..
i'm making angels tonight
in the snow by my house
tucked away in a secret corner of the world
nobody knows about
but me
those close to me
and those who came to see me
soon i'll be watching the sunset channel
on the western corners of a strange island
deep in the indian ocean
the same body of water that stole my heart
last summer
watching the stars turn into dreams
picking happiness off the sounds of nature
all around me....

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