Monday, February 4, 2013

intrepid love

i used to have this roommate from iran.  he was pretty intense and i enjoyed every minute of his company.  he was very passionate about his beliefs in love and universal kindness and we often stayed up very late arguing politely about the origins of the universe.  he was one of those people who believes all religions to be the same thing so long as they are on a path of righteousness and myself being as logical as i can be could not argue the benefits of love - something that many fear to be a dying practice of humanity.

i dont know when it got to be this way but i have some assumptions that paranoia may be to blame.  people get all of their information from the mass media, which does nothing to educate only frighten, and when bad situations occur we tend to forget about the acts of kindness which occur every day and go unnoticed.  i hate this.  i hate the news and i hate having to explain myself out of every question i'm asked about the cultures which i've spent so long getting to love only to hear about the bad things which have leaked into the news.  love is a practice and fear is a disease.  this disease grows inside of you and clouds your thoughts and many of us in this time have forgotten how to love things which we dont understand.

maybe it's a generation gap or perhaps the prejudices of one generation leaking upon the next but i believe we should embrace the great distances we've come as a species instead of building bigger walls between us.  i believe (and i did not create this notion but i love its boldness) if you are affraid of something then go there and see it for yourself.   imagine that.  imagine a world where it was required to travel to other cultures.  imagine one where the television was required by law to show both sides of the scary stories they haunt us with.

and if i'm wrong about all this then let it be.. i'll not stop playing my part for the better of humanity.  i'll not stop learning and loving.

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