Tuesday, February 26, 2013

one day old fool, you gonna get this country in a war that they not gonna fight for ya, which means you gon' have to fight it yourself

on one hand i feel the compassion and the necessity for awareness in this freshly globalized world.  on the polar hand i find it such a disgrace that the united states of america so arrogantly informs its citizens through a single-minded media with the agenda of spreading fear and undeserved patriotism.  a fear based culture only perpetuates the thickening of boundries between us and encourages its people to manifest ignorance and anger towards other cultures.  it makes me really upset that the united states of american news only shows its people news from other coutries when there is an agenda to be spread if not the pollution of fear.  why it is that there are not laws against what is covered on the news is beyond me.  why cant it be that for every horror story they arrogantly cover they are not required to show something educational and culturally enriching?

i encourage you, and all of you, to travel both outward and inward.  explore this world to its fullest either by plane or by personal voyage into yourself and the history of the people you come from.  if you are from the united states and not a member of its native people you are the descendant of an immigrant and a revolutionist.  your people worked hard to build a country based on freedom of speech and religion and the gift of being free from dictactorship.  you have the right to vote for your leaders and you have the freedom to leave if you disagree with the policies of your country's leader; i did when that shitbag warmonger was in off from 2001 to 2009 without mentioning any names, and you can too - be thankful for that.  

your country has a potential that is drooled after by people of many (but of course not all) other nations.  you can build a life for you and your family from literally nothing but an idea and when you disagree with the way your country is being run you can vote and you can make a difference and have your voice heard without fear of persecution, but i still wonder when it came to be that these privelages were exchanged for ignorance.  the united states is by far one of the most potential countries to build your life but it is not (and i am sick of hearing) the greatest nation in the world by any term which i use to measure.  

please PLEASE take a journey into your self and into your deep consciousness into that realm of our existence that binds us all as humans.  see the damage you have done to this planet and the damage you have done to yourself.  ask yourself every day if you are making actions to better ourselves as a species or if we are just some fluke of evolution that future generations will remember as short-sighted and indulgent.  your country, your television and even your religion (all instances of all three) have an agenda to spread fear and disrupt the education of our people and if you dont believe me then go see the world for yourself.  

i trust not of what the masses have done to hide my eyes from.  i trust the artists who have trained their eyes to see the fine lines.  i trust the writers who have trained their ears how to listen.  i trust the teachers and the philosophers who train their brains to think and be open.  i trust the lovers who love without fear from the bottoms of their hearts with no regard to race or society.  i trust the poets and the dreamers, the travelers who travel well and open their ears, minds and hearts to the people they meet.

peace and love are both contagious and equally as effective as fear however they take more commitment.  nothing good comes easily.  please my brothers do something to better our species.

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