Saturday, February 23, 2013

stay up late and pay attention - because you may have been wrong about something

it's really cool to stay awake and just listen to the night.  where i live, life buzzes in strange ways that are so different to me sometimes that i lose myself in their randomness.  i listen and i remember being told to 'listen more carefully to life' yet i'm still marveled by the way life urges you to also 'keep on listening'.  i can feel the different winds in their reminding me that things are changing and things will always continue to change but now and especially now the winds are taking me in a different way.  

like the pages of my dear friend's book which somehow found a way to narrate my life i know feel a great story growing from within me.

all great stories begin with an amazing and seemingly otherworldly coincidence, or chance.  tonight i found myself locked out of my house and i sat for a long time on the dark curb out front in the company of cold dogs and foreboding shadows.  in an act of kindness to a single dog i found myself in the company of a kind stranger who took me in her house and shared a beer with me and her amazing boyfriend.  the energy of us three and the coincidences we shared brought me home eventually to my house to find great conversation and deep laughter.  this laughter and personal words brought me also into a connection with someone i live with who hadn't recently found a way to see me straight in the eyes.  

i feel it now, in this great hour of the night, that the winds are beginning to speak.  it is almost my time to leave this place and again something faraway is calling to me.  

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